Friday, April 12, 2013

West Coast Trail Highlight #2b-Sandstone Creek

West Coast Trail sea shelf near Sandstone Creek
West Coast Trail sea shelf and cliff
Sandstone Creek is a treat along the West Coast Trail.  Managing to get to Sandstone along the shelf is a feat, because it is an expert hiking area.  (I don't recommend the shelf unless you are guided or REALLY know the area.  There are several complicated spots with surge channels and route-finding.) From the inland trail, the bridge gives a great view down the creek, but it is also worth stopping to go down the creek and explore the sadnstone waterway a bit.

Sandstone Creek on the West Coast Trail
Walking up Sandstone Creek
The bridge is a bit strange.  It is like an upside down square "U," ladder up one side from the edge of the creek bed, and ladder down the other side from the edge of the creek bed.  This is so because the bridge has washed out in the winter a couple of times, so Parks made this most recent bridge quite high over the creek bed to avoid further losses.

Below the bridge there is a beautiful section of potholes in the sandstone, good for dipping in. On a tough West Coast Trail day, this is a place to take note,  a great place to stop, rest, and just sit and enjoy the beauty of the wildness of Sandstone  Creek.

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