Tuesday, April 30, 2013

West Coast Trail Highlight-Dare Beach

After leaving Carmanah, going north, passing Chez Monique-burgers and beers welcome at this point-the trail comes to Cribs Creek. Along the beach, the approach is different, not only each year, but can even be different days later. Coal Creek runs along the beachhead, connecting with Cribs near the rock sea shelf. It can be an interesting time getting across to the campground. All of this beach/shelf area is tide dependant.

The next section is a journey along rocky points and shelf, to Dare Point and Dare Beach. There is an optimal route. Not knowing it can make for some interesting backtracking at times. The flat shelf area past Cribs gives the chance to explore some amazing tide pools, some absolutely packed with sea urchins. These are close to the shelf drop off, so the tide has to be low enough to be able to see them. Be careful on the slippery shelf.

Dare Beach itself is a wild, beautiful section of the coast, with some pretty wicked surf. The past few years have seen a number of surfers trying to surf the areas between the Cheewhat and Carmanah Beaches. Hiking, you really now feel that the hardest part is over and settle into a rhythm of hiking and enjoying more than your toes along this section.

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